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Cardan Overhead Chain Bearings

Our Cardan overhead conveyor chain bearings are supplied sealed or unsealed. Cardan chain bearings are used in the automotive industry and finishing plants worldwide. Standard stock is available to order, but bearings can be manufactured and supplied to customer’s specific drawings.

Power and Free Trolley Bearings

Our power and free trolley bearings are supplied sealed or open with optional re-greasing hole. Specialist high temperature grease is available on request. Triple labyrinth shielded drop forge chain bearings to suit 348, 458 and 678 conveyor are available in crowded race or caged construction.

Custom Bearings

As one of the leading UK bearing manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to design, manufacture and deliver high quality custom bearings for all types of applications. Many custom bearings are supplied with “ZZ” or 2-RS seals to help prevent contamination and prolong bearing life. Bearings can also be supplied with plastic or polyurethane tyres to reduce noise when in operation.